• Day 86 … 91 FlashZilla – Gestures and Haptics

    Day 86 … 91 FlashZilla – Gestures and Haptics

    Day 86 Gestures Basic gestures, onTapGesture, onLongPressGesture worked with no alterations. However, as soon as we look at the MagnificationGesture we find that this is not available on watchOS. Similarly RotationGesture is also not available. Using .simultaneousGesture, .highPriorityGesture and gesture sequences worked as expected. Haptics We do not have access to UINotificationFeedbackGenerator() on watchOS as…

  • Day 79 … 84 HotProspects

    Day 79 … 84 HotProspects

    Day 79,80, 81 This project seemed to be working very well on the watch. Up until, day 81 when Paul introduces the idea of the Context Menu. In watchOS the context menu used to be available for Apps when a user ‘long pressed’ ‘deep pressed’ the watch screen. Trying to put .contextmenu() on the Text…

  • Day 68…70 BucketList

    Day 68…70 BucketList

    The first day seemed to work well using different ways of using MapAnnotation structs, up until trying to use a NavigationLink within the MapAnnotation. For some reason I could not get the link to work to the view. This might have been an issue with the simulator. Authentication on day 69 seems possible also, with…


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  • I love beta testing Apps for people and this is an App I have used for a very long time. Today something odd happened. I recorded 4 entries but the main screen only showed credit for 3 of them. #iOSAppBetas #userTesting

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Swift developer with watchOS experience. Have run a beta release using TestFlight and shipped App to the App Store. Strong background in WordPress and PHP. Excellent communication skills and ability to creatively problem solve.