• I love beta testing Apps for people and this is an App I have used for a very long time. Today something odd happened. I recorded 4 entries but the main screen only showed credit for 3 of them. #iOSAppBetas #userTesting

  • Day 62…67 Instafilter

    Day 62…67 Instafilter

    The first day of this project runs through a few techniques. I particularly liked the .confirmationDialog() example. This seems to work well on the watch, and the Cancel button is moved out of the list of buttons and shown in the title bar, making it easier to access. However, things do not go well when…

  • Day 57… 59 CoreData

    Day 57… 59 CoreData

    I felt that using the Toolbar to place the buttons on the view was not particularly the best approach. I then found that watchOS doesn’t allow for two buttons in the toolbar. Whichever button is placed first in the code will appear, but no further ones. Therefore, I placed them after the List: As you…

iOS Developer with watchOS experience

Digital Implementation | Product Owner

Swift developer with watchOS experience. Have run a beta release using TestFlight and shipped App to the App Store. Strong background in WordPress and PHP. Excellent communication skills and ability to creatively problem solve.