WordPress eCommerce website

Built WordPress eCommerce website for Oak At Home

I was approached by OAK AT HOME  who wanted to sell their bespoke handmade designed gifts direct to customers. They wanted to maintain control of the selling process. Having considered the alternatives, including Etsy and Not On The Hight Street, They felt they wanted to be in control of the whole purchasing experience in order to give their customers a completely personal approach. I suggested that a WordPress eCommerce would work well for them.

The site had to be able to display their products in a visually rich manner. It needed to allow buyers to enter custom options, including personalised engraving, choice of board thickness etc. They wanted to be able to display multiple images for each product so as to really exhibit the designs.

eCommerce Brief:

  • ability to add their own products as each new design became available.
  • customers to have the option of purchasing items directly through the site.
  • design to be optimised so they ranked well on search engines (SEO).
  • optimised for mobile viewing (mobile responsive).


I have built eCommerce sites before using the  WooCommerce system for WordPress. The WooCommerce system provides a high level of control and customisation for both the Store Manager and the Developer and therefore allowed all points from the brief to be sorted.