Day 36 – iExpense

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Everything seemed to go well with the first set of topics for the iExpense App. However, one thing that is not available on watchOS yet is the EditButton(). Xcode gives the error ‘EditButton’ is unavailable in watchOS. This is unsurprising as the EditButton is primarily used to select several items at once and then delete or modify them. With the smaller view available on the Apple Watch, it is harder to select multiple rows, without some moving off-screen. This would then mean you could potentially delete rows by accident.

The only other amendment I would make to run the App on the watch, is the position of the Save button. Paul uses a button in the .toolbar. On the iPhone, this means a Save button is always shown at the top of the phone screen. However, a toolbar button on the watch is only shown if the user scrolls all the way to the top of the screen. Initially, it looks like there is no way to save the entry on the screen, if you didn’t know about this behaviour.

I would therefore place the button in the Form rather than the toolbar.

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