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Swift Language Coffee and Code Meetup

I am trying to gauge the interest for a Swift Language Meetup for coders and developers using the Swift programming language in or around Portsmouth (UK).

I am aware of a couple of groups based in London and there is also the Brighton Mobile meeting. However, the latter covers both iOS and Android developers.

If there was a strong enough interest from developers and coders wanting to meet and discuss the Swift Programming Language I would look into the availability of venues for the meetings.

Meetup Ideas

Steps Tracker

Some meetups start as ‘Coffee & Code’ sessions where members meet regularly in a coffee shop to chat and code together. This could be a good way to get people meeting regularly in the area. Ultimately, it would be great to have speakers visit and talk to the group. Similarly, local members could give talks on their current projects or useful resources they have found.

This article is a signposting to gauge the level of interest in a Meetup. Portsmouth might suit anyone based in Hampshire, the Isle of Wight or West Sussex areas. Personally, it would be great to get to know local developers and coders. I am sure others could benefit from regular meetings to discuss the Swift coding language, iOS Development and of course SwiftUI.

Interested in a local Swift Language Meetup?

Get in touch and let me know where you are based. Whether you would prefer a meet during the day (coffee and code) or an evening meeting. Additionally, get in touch if you have any ideas of a good location for the Hampshire Swift Language meetup.

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